The HSC Realise Your Potential

If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the thought of doing the HSC you are not alone. Research suggests that 40%–50% of year 11 & 12 students will struggle with serious, harmful stress. This figure rises in the weeks before the HSC. *

Stop worrying, help is now here! Designed for senior high school students starting their HSC journey and crafted by our skilled, experienced psychologists and educators Axiom Psychological & Coaching Services proudly announces our new program “The HSC – Realise your Potential”.

As a participant, you will:
• Develop strategies to minimise the harmful effects and harness the useful effects of stress
• Develop effective learning and retention strategies for peak performance
• Learn how to connect with your own motivation for HSC success
• Gain organisational and time management skills
• Learn self care strategies.

One session per week (1 ½ hrs each week) for 4 weeks
Small groups
Cost: $110 (inc GST)
For further information and group times 
please call 4324 5400

* (Currie, C and Hagarty, J quoted in Education Connect. Issue 16 Sept 2010)

Download the pdf brochure here

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