Our Mission



‘I once asked a roomful of mental health professionals ‘What makes a good psychologist? If clients stop coming, or keep coming back again and again?

Is it what they know? What others say about them?

The deafening silence that followed leaves me to conclude that YOU are the judge.

Our psychologists don’t try to be ‘good’ by what they know and the ‘gold standard treatment’ as defined by ‘research’. We work with you and what your needs are. And yes, it is ok to change psychologists if you feel you’re not getting what you need. You know yourself better than anybody else. Sometimes we just can use a little help to re-discover it.



To provide the highest possible professional and ethical services


We provide a comprehensive range of services in the following areas

  • Individual counselling and coaching
  • Child & adolescent counselling & assessment
  • Relationship counselling
  • Group Intervention
  • Court Reports
  • Organisational development and individual coaching
  • Psychological assessment reports